Jupiter-Saturn “Christmas Star” Conjunction

Jupiter – Venus “Christmas Star” Conjunction

Helotes, Texas – 7:15pm
Canon SX50 HS – f/6.5 – ISO 500 – 0.8s. exposure

Had a great time hunting down the Jupiter-Saturn “Christmas Star” conjunction at 0.1° of each other last week. They had been social distancing since 1226! You can see Jupiter and its moons on the left… and Saturn with its rings on the right. 

I wasn’t the only one out looking at the “star”… with several other cars parked around me in the lot at the local high school. I played Spotify tracks from “Deep Sky Dude” while I tried to get my old Canon SX50HS to focus. Definitely time for an upgrade soon as I may have reached the end of this ones sensor life. 😞 We had a good run, but may see about going Nikon this next time around…

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